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  1. I finally figured out how they were getting through they had a security camera tech do some work and he opened up a port on the router/modem and after reading the logs i could see the constant dos attacks and port scans they were relentless attacks coming from multiple IP address Just wanted to say thanks again for you help you guys have a great home here Cheers B4L
  2. Wow that's great news that you caught some of them Any links to news articles, that is something i would love to read I am sure you have already but I would like to thank you for your fight against these people Must be such a great feeling when you know you got one them, Thank You for all your efforts Cheers B4L
  3. I have trained them well to do full backups EVERYDAY lol so format and reinstall quick job only 40 minutes for me but i guess they lose 2 or 3 hours of the day because of it Have they ever caught and prosecuted any of these ***@%^&***
  4. Thanks Guys I only put MB on the Server, I was trying to encourage them to get the whole network computers done but as many small Businesses they don't like spending coins. Thanks for all the links. I need to do some homework and get these guys to buy a Business plan as this has become beyond a joke. They all log into the Server just to access 1 program via Remote Desktop. I just don't understand how it is the Server keeps getting smashed unless they are opening emails on the server. mmmmm But their individual desktops are not affected. Thanks again for the advice Cheers B4L
  5. Hi, I have one job and i say they get Done by a Ransomware at least 3 times a year LOL I put Malwarebytes Home Premium on their Server last time, just trying to show them it would be worth getting the Business version for the rest of the computers, very small only 5 computers. But they got another Ransomware infection today, again With Malwarebytes Home Premium paid and installed What am i missing, what is the most common ways to get infected only this place keeps getting them LOL The other 60 odd costumers i have are fine, all i have to do for them is replace PSU's LOL any thoughts would be greatly appreciated And I am sorry if i posted in the wrong sub Forum Cheers B4L
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