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  1. first off let me say that my "simple" sign up took 45 minutes to pass your paranoid impossible to see images in outdated captcha images, then not telling if my million character long password which will never be used again or my ID which was already used but not shown to me until after 20 pages of unintelligible images using an outdated robot detection system which has the dumbest question ever "what planet is BEFORE the earth?" what does BEFORE THE EARTH MEAN? then have me repeat the process no less than 20 times. But i had to so i could post what i have found out about Malwarebytes purposely sending me to webpages that they generate saying my computer has a virus and microsoft BLAH BLAH BLAH! Funny thing is as soon as the trial period ended and i deactivated this useless virus machine they provide so nicely for free, so di all the page redirects and the pop ups and the viruses. things also noted why didnt it ever block any of this from happening? Ran a different detector SPYWAREBLASTER and it found 3 viruses that this one never detected in 5 passes. but it wasnt until i deactivated this virus generator that the fake web pages quit popping up and all the constant redirects stopped as well! thanks for nothing, ill remember what you did and on top of it the 45 minutes i wasted just to alert others about your shenanigans. quit trying to fake scare users into signing up for extra problems i mean protection. Antivirus programs are like LIFELOCK simply useless, just there to bring a false sense of security when there is very little threat to begin with. there are much better AV programs that are 100% free and do a top notch job of sorting out all computer problems. With the rapid decline of home PCs and the inevitable end of the home PC as we know it these programs become less and less affective because who do you think makes the viruses in the first place? some guy who you never met sitting around wasting time trying to send a virus to random computers for what reason? whats the big gain for him? nothing but it sure helps antivirus programs sell when they exist. so you do math. kick your home pc to the curb they are dinosaurs and you can do much more simply by using a tablet or phone. get rid of expensive cox cable snakes in the grass providers who ask you to go paperless just so they can hike your bill knowing you are less likely to see the increase if its not printed on paper for you to see before its automatically deducted from your bank account. it'll take 2 months before you notice it, and they jack it up around $40 more. i caught them right away and ditched them after 20 years of service and im much better off using a prepaid phone to get on line as i am now. never worryu about a single virus and my bill is always $55 a month no matter how much i use it. 120GB a month and never a problem. remove this useless AV program and never try it again, instantly no more redirects no more microsoft virus warnings, etc..... i dont even care to hear back from this rant im just putting it out there and doubt the page will ever be posted anyway!
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