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  1. Leo, recently - Gowatchseries, Rapidvideo and Streamango. MB blocked them from playing on Kodi. Yet a full MB scan found nothing on my laptop despite it being 6 months since the previous scan.
  2. I'm inclined to agree with 6yruser. Although MB has no political bias, I can't help thinking that databases can be corrupted by people that do. I stream all my media, the streaming sites that work best for me, get autoblocked by MB, however only by the trial premium version, it's happened twice now. MB updates, installs the free trial and auto blocks. I've deleted MB now because it in my opinion it is acting like the programs I'm trying to protect against, because the sites your program is blocking, have never caused a problem for me, yet they are potentially in breach of the law forced out across the world by America, yet strangely, not enforced IN America. An option for end users to agree to block sites upfront would be nice, instead of the convoluted means to unblock sites afterwards. MB has become an unwanted spin-off from the nannystate mentality.
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