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  1. Oh don't worry, I've solved the problem. I have removed the software.
  2. I wonder which excuse(s) the Malwarebytes staff will pick: NewsUK is trying to spread an evil spy/RAT inside your computer, s'why it's on the blocked list (We'll give you some vague blurb that passes for evidence of that) Don't blame us, blame those "researchers" we know nothing about It's full of malicious ads, the same as are on Heat magazine, which we're not blocking You needn't read that bollocks anyway because it's not good for you I mean, you're trying to block a publication and put up a FUD screen over it when this same publication is still in the British Airways news cart when hopping on/off trans-Atlantic flights for crissakes. Not a great look.
  3. OK, this is just laughable at this point... Mind you, I reached The Sun by clicking a link to it from The New York Times, a publication that I am definitely sure you wouldn't dare question their journalistic ethos. Hmm, I wonder what crime The Sun committed that every single page on their sitemap throws a dialog window that looks similar in CSS style to an Indian scammer's? Ahh I think that explains it.
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