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  1. Ok, Alvarnell, that looks promising. It may be a bit, but I'll re-post after trying that. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the input, Alvarnell. I haven't gotten to do anything on my wife's MBP yet, except to recheck that there was no Profiles icon in System Preferences, hence no malicious profiles. Since google stores everything from Chrome sync in its cloud, I doubt that somehow finding and deleting something on the Android will save the day. But I would welcome any recommendations about how to isolate whatever might be coming back in a sync from Google. My wife would be very disappointed if we have to delete all her bookmarks. Anybody out there have ideas on this??
  3. My wife's MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) running Yosemite (10.10.5) had its Chrome browser hijacked by "Search Encrypt" 3 days ago. I spent the evening following online recommendations: 1) removing the offending extension or app - NONE FOUND 2) within Chrome "Restore settings to their original defaults" - DIDN'T WORK 3) Remove Chrome and various files & pref's from Library; 3A) Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes - Didn't find anything 3B) and then download and do fresh install of Chrome. - This worked - UNTIL she re-synced bookmarks, etc from her Google account. Chrome was immediately re-hijacked as before. 4) For now, I've re-deleted Chrome, and she's using Safari, though it is greatly impeding her normal work flow in her school classroom. SO... I need help! I assume that Search Encrypt has hidden something in what's synced to her Google account, and it may be synced into her Android phone also, though she hasn't mentioned any problems there yet. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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