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  1. Listen Friendo, the site was accessible before the New Zealand governments threats, then the site wasn't accessible after the threats. Someone from MB put the site into the "block" category following the threats. The block wasn't put there for security concerns. I don't believe your assurances. There are no such things as coincidences anymore. Adios.
  2. I'm a 6+ year MB user with a lifetime sub. MB is one of three programs I've advised friends and family to add to their systems because I felt it was a very good program ensuring safety. No matter the new device, MB is/was one of the first programs I would install. Recently I discovered a website, Kiwifarms, would no longer load though accessing the site just a few days ago was without issue. After struggling to figure out why, I discovered MB was the problem. After uninstalling MB, I gained immediate access. Upon re-instillation, the website was immediately blocked. Uninstalled again, imm
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