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  1. Thanks. I ended up "rebooting" anyways, as when I tried to use ProcessExplorer to find out who had the handle open, Windows 10 came crashing down with a missing index. This was just an exceptionally annoying experience as I am on a deadline. I have nothing against Delete on Reboot, except that I should be able to cancel the reboot/delete when I feel that a false detection has occurred. Making me reboot my machine to correct the mistake is a poor design decision.
  2. What is really pissing me off is that I cannot continue my project development, because the executable is "open". Builds fail to link. I cannot delete the exe. Even after quitting MalwareBytes. I paid for you to do this to me...
  3. Normally not a bad thing, as I can exclude folders. But this is causing me grief. Visual Studio project, added graphics to some buttons, now get detected as "MachineLearning/Anomalous.94%". Not even close. Back to school with you MachineLearning. But... MalwareBytes is insisting that it wants to reboot my machine. NO. I will uninstall if I have to. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PERFORM A REBOOT TO QUARANTINE AN EXE! This is a case of MalwareBytes acting more like Malware than doing anything useful. I can't even restore the files. Attached is a zip with the offending program. GRemote.zip
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