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  1. nasdaq can you take a look at my post please i also have included Farbar report thanks.
  2. Must agree with ITC23. Using O&O for years and never had any issue with them. I'm also under impression that they are reputable company so very strange that all of a sudden they are under PUP category. Would like to know more here.
  3. How come? I been using this software for a long time, only since few days MB started reporting this, and I'm also using MB for a long time. So what is the issue with Safe Erase at the end?
  4. Sorry for double post but adding Farbar Recovery Scan Tool reports. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello, today i got this on my scan (see screen shot down) it's very strange as it seems that all of this from O&O SafeErase the software i paid and I'm using along side some other software's from this company. Could this be an error from Malwarebytes ?
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