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  1. Will do! Again great thanks to do you Ron! I scanned for possible malware, spyware, and malwarebytes didnt find anything, hope you have a wonderful day and start of spring!
  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the help! I'm in the process of getting into my desktop! I'm in it now as we speak! The clean installation of W10 worked. I hated a problem with the drive not being set to GTP, but that was an easy fix! I'm now on it and going to install the new antivirus software I have bought from malwarebytes! I lost all my files but it gave my PC in full back, I can just re download those files and enjoy myself again! Thanks a bunch Ron! Cole ❤️
  3. Hello, a few weeks ago my brother had downloaded a "csgo hack" onto my PC. I allowed him to play. I had this application open and ready to use. Windows kept sending me a warning and of it automatically quarantining the Trojans. But it wasnt helping. There were 2 applications called "letsee1.0" and the same name but in a 2.0 variant. I deleted the 1.0 I believe, but upon deleting the other, my PC crashed. I loaded back up normally, but tool a bit longer than usual. Signed in and it gave me a black screen then blue screen sayin "checking updates". After that I knew I was screwed. I know the viru
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