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  1. I just got paid premium for 2 devices, and can find no place where I can turn off auto renewal. See attached file. No where in the payment process do we get an option to turn off auto renewal. So I don't know what you're talking about kliebor! Any comments exile360?
  2. Thanks Porthos! Appreciate the feedback! So to recapitulate, I get one key that I can use on the number of devices that I bought it for, be it windows or Mac. I guess my concern is that if the same key will work for windows and Macs. Regarding the auto renewal. I feel that you are not aware of the complexity in disabling this feature. From what I read in the forum it seems to be quite a problem. This will be the deciding point for me, unfortunately!
  3. Tx Kliebor for your persistence in demanding an easier way to opt out of auto renew. I was just considering buying MWB for multiple devices but now I'm not sure. Its not as simple as they make it sound in the ordering page! A mean sales tactic!
  4. I tried looking but couldn't find any help on this. Hence this new topic. In my family some use windows and some Macs. In the website it says: Secure shopping cart Malwarebytes Premium 1 Year Subscription, 4 Devices Operating system(s):Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, Android™ Q1. If I should buy Malwarebytes for 4 - 5 devices can it be used on all systems? Q2. Does it need to be installed on all computers at the same time? Q3. Does each computer get a separate key and Q4. ..is it sent by post or by email? Q5. How do I disable auto renewal?
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