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  1. Mods, close this. Lol. The license just showed up in my account. Have a good day y'all
  2. Hi y'all I just bought a premium license via that 5$ studentbeans offer- that went fine, no problems. Now when i got my got key I was a bit confused as to where i was suppose to activate it. I made an account on the website, and it does ask for a license there, but I opted to just follow the instructions and activate via the app. It worked and it's now good to go but it never got tied to an account I own. How am I suppose to turn off auto-renew if there's no account settings in the app and no account tied to the website? Really hoping I didnt just get scammed. Thanks
  3. yeah i've always had the two running in tandem. its just that with the recent updates to windows, my defender was automatically turned off and me thinks theres a good reason for that. i know defender can be quite protective of your files and thus, doesnt play nice with other AVs (e.g ransomware protection). maybe microsoft is waving the white flag of compatibility?
  4. with this defender recent change, what is recommended- leave malwarebytes solely in charge or go back to having both on?
  5. That worked. Thanks for the prompt service and for helping me out. God I love MB. Thanks once again.
  6. So MB was stuck in the "installing update" screen for quite some time and after about an hour I just gave up and shutdown thinking i'll just apply the update later. Tried it again in the morning, and now the program gui doesn't even display. It didn't even auto run in my startup, and has been removed from that. It's there in task manager but I can't get the interface to load (as a standard OR admin). elevated task manager gets access denied when i try to terminate it. There's a similar thread where the suggestion was to collect the logs from the recovery tool but twice now the tool
  7. Excellent, this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.
  8. Not that Malwarebytes doesn't do anything- it's caught things a lot more often than Windows Defender has, but 2 things are making me reconsider: 1) Internet browsing speed is noticeably slower while both run. I know this comes with the added security but recently, Defender was named the best A/V program (as of Aug 2019). 2) While researching this question I found a bunch of posts on the Microsoft support forums (circa 2018) saying that additional a/v software disables Windows Defender. So hopefully, I can get some unbiased answers here. I'm a smart guy- I don't browse sk
  9. Leaving Malwarebytes running w/ all the real-time protections on significantly runs my desktop hotter and louder if I stream and/or game. Streaming is especially bad as more often than not, my PC crashes and shuts down (im assuming over heat). Closing Malwarebytes alleviates this problem. Id like to know just how vulnerable I am with it off, specifically during streaming. Or if I can turn off the most relevant real-time protection options and still be relatively secure. I have no idea what affects what in this regard. I leave windows defender up always. Thanks for your time.
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