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  1. We also use Acronis only for backup purposes but their latest releases include also this "active protection" to further strengthen especially the security of the Acronis backup. This for sure appears not compatible with MB (almost any version since 3.7) on W7 PCs. On W10 PCs in general it was OK but recently on one or two workstations I had to uninstall MB (4.049) as MB looked stuck / using a very high amount of ram and Acronis Active Protection was at the same time deactivated.
  2. Hello, To test the issue I have to stop a workstation for at least one day which is not so easy. However the issue has for sure to do with some sort of incompatibility of Malwarebytes with Acronis 2019 as all the Windows 7 workstations without Acronis are working properly. This issue appeared since MB 3.7 and nothing changed with the latest MB release (4.049). However it seems the case also some Windows 10 workstations are now being affected (always with Acronis 2019) and it seems there are some incompatibility issues with Acronis Active Protection. I am sure that if you setup a W7 PC with Acronis 2019 you will for sure experience the issue as this is occuring (even if sometimes not at every reboot) almost on 100% of our PCs with Acronis. Kind regards Davide
  3. Issue is still there on our W7 workstations even with the latest release 4.04 - I had to uninstall MB on all the W7 workstations to avoid complete lock-up at start-up
  4. All the PC (as well as some with Windows 10 which do not experience the issue) have Acronis 2019 installed. I will see whether it will be possible to re-install Malwarebytes and get the logs.
  5. I am still experiencing freezing after start-up even with the latest MB on at least four different Windows 7 PCs. On three of them removal and re-install so far worked (at least for the last few days) but on one of them the issue still occurs after a reinstall and disabling the web protection. This means I had to completely uninstall MB and wait till a definitive fix will be found. Somehow annoying as the first issues already occured since a few months.
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