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  1. Hello, Please assist and check why your product “Browser Guard” would suspect our web portal and would block it - https://mysuperior.superiorplusenergy.com/ VirusTotal shows clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/eb34f0a8d6fe70844d89f1f269a34e964554c3eada5a5fc14c6c0d98a766ab3f/detection Thank you for looking into this!
  2. Hello, We have the following three websites (which are connected together) that appear as being blacklisted. Can you please recheck and remove them from the blacklist? https://partnerlookup.superiorpropane.com https://www.superiorpropane.com/ https://mysuperior.superiorpropane.com/ Thank you very much!
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