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  1. Does mbarw.exe need to be running to provide protection or is the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Service able to do that?
  2. Management Console reported successful installation. Any reason why it would be missing?
  3. Yeah. It looks like the service is running correctly. Just doesn't seem to have a system tray icon anymore.
  4. I'll have to go around to some of the workstations and confirm if they do indeed have double installations. So in the client area on my workstation, it's saying that Anti-ransomwareis installed. You say it's not supposed to be silent install? I see no icon, no shortcuts, task manager, no start menu entry and it doesn't appear to be in the add/remove programs list. How can I confirm for sure that it did indeed get pushed out and installed properly on the workstation? 
  5. So I downloaded and installed Updated Malwarebytes Endpoint Security v1.9 over the 1.8 installation without issue. So I used the Management Console's client push install to deploy new "upgrade" installations. They installed without errors and ended up green successfully mark while deploying with domain credentials. However, now if you look at my attached photo, I'm now getting the client has not been registered messages. Also, did it not uninstall the old clients and just install the new software in addition to the previous version? On my workstation, it was showing two version
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