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  1. As I stated, the problem was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling software. I will not be posting any further on this at this time. Thank you for attempting to help.
  2. Since the reply I posted above was accepted, I'll go into more detail. Your system refused to accept anything I attempted to post using Firefox browser. Tried on both the win7 and also on a linux system with same result--everything was flagged as suspicious content. When I clicked on link displayed to report the problem, I was presented with an employee login I obviously couldn't use. I don't understand how my original post ever went through since that was made from FF browser. I had to install Chromium today to reply to you.
  3. Any info I attempted to post was flagged unacceptable by your system. Gave up after numerous tries. Uninstalled and reinstalled MB software which has solved the problem as of this point.
  4. Adding folders/files to exclusions in ESET software did not help. Web Protection still will not start.
  5. Malwarebytes Premium version will no longer start Web Protection. Real-Time Protection warning appears repeatedly but status repeatedly returns to Off when attempting to start Web Protection. This is sudden development on a long-standing Premium account.
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