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  1. Thanks for the info Maurice . This renewal email arrived appx 30 days prior to the renewal date .. From the info posted I'm assuming they are renewing me for the 2 year period .. Will just let it auto-renew and check the duration then ... Thanks .. I certainly like the product and want to keep it ....
  2. Thanks Porthos ... That was my thinking also ... I just wished they had included that info in the email ..... I appreciate your help
  3. Thanks again ... The renewal rate was $69.98 ... I thought that was high for just 1 year and 1 device ...
  4. Thanks to all for the quick responses .. The email did have the amount but not the length of the renewal ... I had originally subscribed for a 2 year term but not sure if the amount requested is for that term .. I tried looking on my account and could not find any info related to the new renewal ... The email did not have a contact number in it for questions .. I'm sure it was legit as the date for renewal in the email was accurate .... Thanks again for the help
  5. Greetings. I have received an email regarding renewal of my Premium account .. I have a question regarding it and was wondering if someone could tell me how to reach them via phone or email to relay this question .. Thanks in advance for your assistance ...
  6. Many thanks to all that replied .. I will follow your instructions to add Premium to my new machine ..
  7. Greetings. Hope I'm in the right forum. I recently upgrade for Windows 7 to 10. I had Premium on the old 7 machine. I did not uninstall Premium before I switched to the new computer. I would like to transfer the old subscription to my new 10 computer. I have read some posts online that stated that if I do transfer the subscription that it will override the Edge browser and turn off Defender. Not sure if I want to do that. 1: If I do transfer can I still have Defender with Premium running in the background? 2: Will it slow my computer down? 3: Can someone tell me step by step how
  8. Just fine. I cleared everything out of Firefox using your instructions and problem is gone. I have copied the information you posted and read some of the references and have a better understanding of the problem and why it affected me. Once again thanks for your insightful responses to my question ......
  9. Thank you Maurice for your quick response and informative input. I have made a copy of your message and will keep it for future use. Ironically since I have Windows 7 I am in the market for a new 10 computer and will replace this one in the next few weeks. In the meantime I guess I will just stay off of the Target.Com website as I can live with that for the time being. As an aside I have other browsers and I did not try the website with them to see if they were affected also. If this problem manifests itself on other websites I will repost and ask for further assistance. At least I have a sta
  10. Holiday greetings to all. Have Dell desktop, Windows 7 with Malware-bytes Premium. Works fine except when accessing Target.Com website. When I use Google via Firefox to access Target.Com website I get the full screen ad warning of all sorts of terrible things my computer has and I need to call the posted number. Of course I realize this is a scam and can kill it by using task manager and rebooting the computer. I checked ADWcleaner and it finds nothing. Ran scan with Premium and find nothing. This is the only website I have trouble with. Does anyone have ideas how this is sneaking in there and
  11. Thanks to all who took the time to respond to this topic .. Very informative responses ..
  12. Greetings. Hope I'm in the right forum. I have a 3 year old Dell desktop running Windows 7 / SP1 with Malwarebytes Premium which performs flawlessly. I primarily use Firefox and Chrome for my browsers. I've become aware that Microsoft has set Jan 2020 for "end of life" as to security updates for this OS .. I'm requesting input from the community as to whether I am now in a position where I must replace my computer with a Windows 10 (ugh) system or will I be reasonably safe using the system I have. I'm sure there are many others that are in this same situation and was wondering what the gener
  13. Greetings. New subscriber so hope I'm in the right forum. Dell desktop/Windows 7 Home/64B ..I recently installed Malwarebytes Premium and I have 2 questions. 1: I use Firefox for browser but wife uses a paid service named MSN Premium which I understand is integrated with Internet Explorer 11. Does Malwarebytes offer the same protection on each of those browers? 2: I have Microsoft Security Essentials running with Malwarebytes. Have seen no effect on computer performance so far. Is it all right to run them together or should I uninstall the MSE? Thanks in advance for any assistan
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