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  1. OK, got on.. :) Yes once I texted a person on Craigslist (about a Hard Drive) got no reply then after that all sorts of calls, some from over seas. One day I got a text from my cousin, right after this unknown person texted me commenting on my cousins text. Each text was from a different no. dont know if they saw every thing else on my phone or not. No other signs after that day. I tried to send the report on my the app.(Megabyte) but my email said dont recognize device and wouldnt let it though, think I got it threw though after. .
  2. Thank you very much. That is a amazing program, it installed and I blocked some dangerous activities on my phone. I was under the impression on a attack like this, that they were attacking the phone servers to fool it into believing he/she was me. To intercept my calls, texts etc. Do I have that wrong? Because I received a text from my cousin and immediately got a text from this unknown person commenting on my cousins text. The next text came from a different no.
  3. My phone (Android 5.1.1, LG) got Hijacked one day a unknown person sent me a text commenting on my other texts not sure it she/he saw my whole cell or just texts. Each text came from a different phone no. I scanned with the free version, found nothing. From What I read Premium Does not prevent this type of attack, am I correct?
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