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  1. Welcome to the forum! I'm glad MBAM worked for you! Kind Regards,
  2. Good to hear! I'm glad MBAM helped you rid your machine of that pest. Kind Regards,
  3. Oh.. I didn't understand what you were saying at first. I get it now.
  4. Hmm.. That's funny, I never knew of that before. Thanks Tarun.
  5. The reason I like MBAM is because it has the fastest scan times of any anti-virus I've ever used.
  6. I'm glad MBAM helped you. -eXaByTe
  7. Try plugging it into a different USB slot. -eXaByTe
  8. I have never used them before...
  9. Marcin, that is good reasoning. -eXaByTe
  10. Hello BakTrak and welcome to MalwareBytes. I'm glad MBAM could help you out. Regards, -eXaByTe
  11. Hello Ultimate Predator, and Welcome to MalwareBytes. Regards, -eXaByTe
  12. My compliments on your observation Dakeyras. -eXaByTe
  13. You are right I suppose. Thank you Marcin. -eXaByTe
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