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  1. As I stated above, the problem seemed to go away sometime after post #3 on the 3/7/19. Maybe MWB took care of it. No more extra windows popping up. MWB does occasionally catch some malicious items, and routinely give me clean scans. Do you think it's all taken care of? I appreciate your help.
  2. Well, the problem seems to have taken care of itself. Even though I never had the chance to follow your last instructions, the extra windows have stopped opening, and all browsers SEEM to be working normally. MWB does occasionally notify me that it has blocked malicious sites. Should I continue with your instructions, or do you think all is okay?
  3. Okay, I downloaded and ran FAddition.txtFRST.txtRST. The two files are attached.
  4. I recently got a fake email with an infected Word document, which I foolishly opened. Now, anytime I click on a link in an Outlook Email, my browser (Chrome) opens the link, but also opens 2 other unwanted tabs: --use-spdy%3Doff and -disable-http2 popups After some googling, I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes, which found and quarantined several items. The problem still exists. It ONLY happens with I click a link from within an Outlook email. If I click on a link from gmail.com there is no problem. Also, if I try to open Edge or Firefox, they will not open and I g
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