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  1. opensubtitles.org static.opensubtitles.org www.opensubtitles.org The above domains should be removed from emd list on hosts-file.net opensubtitles.org doesn't distribute malware. It is a website to obtain subtitles for movies/tv shows.
  2. I should clarify that I'm talking about the hosts files on https://www.hosts-file.net.
  3. experts-exchange.com and blog.experts-exchange.com should also be removed from hpHosts mmt and psh respectively.
  4. hpHosts ATS: "consent.truste.com" is used by Forbes to set your cookie preferences. Necessary for the website to function properly. hpHosts mmt "www.experts-exchange.com" is a platform to ask and answer IT related questions.
  5. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that this false positive occurs on the HpHosts FSA list (fraud sites).
  6. This is Discord's image resizer. Blocking this prevents images from being displayed in their applications.
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