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  1. Appendix 1 – List of Infected Applications: Package NameApp Name# Installs com.heavy.excavator.simulator.driveandtransportSnow Heavy Excavator Simulator10,000,000 com.hoverboard.racing.speed.simulatorHoverboard Racing5,000,000 com.zg.real.tractor.farming.simulator.gameReal Tractor Farming Simulator5,000,000 com.ambulancerescue.driving.simulatorAmbulance Rescue Driving5,000,000 com.heavymountain.bus2018simulatorHeavy Mountain Bus Simulator 20185,000,000 com.firetruckemergency.driverFire Truck Emergency Driver5,000,000 com.farming.tractor.realharvest.simul
  2. chrome://serviceworker-internals/ and unregister dangerous sites
  3. In a recent discovery, Check Point Research has come across a massive mobile adware campaign that has already delivered an eye-watering 147 million downloads across almost 210 infected apps on the Google Play Store. Dubbed ‘SimBad’, due to most of the infected apps being simulator games, the worldwide campaign makes use of the phone unbearable by displaying countless ads outside of the application, with no visible way to uninstall the incriminating apps. https://blog.checkpoint.com/2019/03/13/mobile-supply-chain-attacks-are-more-than-just-an-annoyance/
  4. If you force close Videoder and you clear cache when you update apps it does not redirect to ads pages
  5. I have contacted through email with the developers of Videoder without answer. So I think they know it and their intentions seem dark to me
  6. Its strange, an app that isn't in the Play Store but when you update other apps that are in Play Store open Chrome with advertising
  7. Isn't in Play Store. It's out. Here https://www.videoder.com/
  8. In my case it's Videoder, an app out of Play Store. With Blokada active I have verified after updating the apps through Play Store that blocks novelcamp, etc ... and when I force close Videoder and delete the app cache those pages do not appear in the blocking notification. Maybe the developers of Videoder should modify something.
  9. In my case I have verified that the cause is Videoder. Version 14 does not have that problem
  10. I think we should get in touch with the developers of Videoder and require them to update the app without adware
  11. With Blokada I have been able to verify that with Videoder after updating apps in Play Store blocks novelcamp, appsquare, na.hasmobi.net and Others. If I clear the Play Store cache and force close Videoder and I clear its cache when I update apps it does not redirect to those webpages.
  12. In Chrome go to chrome://serviceworker-internals and unregister dangerous service workers
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