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  1. Kmspico clearly wasn't the problem. I am not sure what for but it's installed long before this pc get infected
  2. Can't run FRST in Normal mode. The process is suspended and can't even open Malwarebytes forum using chrome. It's crashed
  3. This was the FRST.txt and Addition.txt in Safe Mode at least. Let me see if I can run the FRST in normal mode.
  4. Hi, I think my PC are infected with virus. Chorme, Firefox or other browser will crashed if I open a website that has content like "Virus removal", "Malware", "rest" and other content. Also Malwarebytes won't run but I able to update the version yesterday. It's running and I able to do a scan. Some malware and adware were identified and quarantined but after that Malwarebytes become Not Responding or crashed and I can't even "End Task" the process, I get "Access Denied" message. Below are FRST.txt and Additional.txt from FRST app. Please help. Thanks Addition.txt FRS
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