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  1. I think so. Thank you very much for all the help that you have provided. Really appreciate it.
  2. Disabled both WD and MB and ran the tool. Attached log files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Farbar still has the same problem. Ran as admin from desktop. It goes into "New update found" loop and keeps updating itself again and again. I downloaded it the last time you asked me to.
  4. Please find attached. I dont see any visible difference as such. None of the AV programs reported any issues till now. zoek-results.log
  5. Thanks, will do the same. Is there a "b" at the end of ipconfig /flushdns;b
  6. Another thing is, I am unable to run farbar tool anymore. As mentioned earlier, it goes into an infinite loop of updating itself again and again. I have run it from both desktop and documents folder with "run as administrator".
  7. Malwarebytes scan shows 0 threats. Shall I run any of the other tools above for validation?
  8. I have reinstalled Chrome following the steps mentioned above. Please let me know the next steps.
  9. Please find attached. Number of threats found is 0. I see lot of "failed to send file reputation request" in one of the logs. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log SophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4.log
  10. I have done all the steps you have mentioned and Malwarebytes is not showing any threat. Other than that I dont have any other way to know whether my computer is still infected or not. I will run the farbar program later today and post the results.
  11. Thank you. I have not run the FRST in fix mode yet. Do you still want me to run that?
  12. Use this URL instead for the analysis https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/5ef3c8a7ef099bdcb12e6022f2644d3683df65a367eb4dc5640b1cf54e90e244/5c7f7d13038838ab7d1f7310
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