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  1. For me it disappeared suddenly about 2 weeks ago with no single issue since then. I never uninstalled Videoder or any other app.
  2. I have huge doubts the app has anything to do with it. I have the latest version of the app installed and used on 3 devices of mine. Only 1 of 3 got infected, and even that once doesn't seem to show adds anymore. A collegue of mine who's phone also have been showing adds for a few days now has never had any video downloading apps installed.
  3. I haven't done anything at all (even continuing using Videoder) but haven't been getting the pop-up for like 30 hours now.
  4. I've been facing the issue for a week now. Have and use the latest premium version of Videoder on 3 devices of mine, but the adware appeared on only one of them. Not uninstalling the app or of curiosity and since really like it. Today, after the appsquare site opened yet again, found a 200kb .com file in my Download folder. Attaching it here for you to investigate. Warning for the rest: the file attached is most probably a virus, don't Download it unless you know what you're doing! .com.google.Chrome.zip
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