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  1. Yes, I had the ai.type keyboard for years too, and I think that was the problem for me.
  2. I'm extremely interested that you've got your suspicions on this one,as I've had the ai.type keyboard and ai.type emoji plugin installed for a long time, but have had my suspicions about it throughout this whole saga. I did read a news article about it being a risk months ago,but dismissed it,as I'm nowhere near as "techy" as a lot of you. Michelle.
  3. Hi @mbam_mtbr Thanks for that, I already submitted a report earlier. I'll send the number to you though. Thanks again 😊 Michelle.
  4. I've had the novelcamp/appsquare/dailyluck etc pop-ups opening on my browser for at least 6 weeks now. The last day or so they've now started opening immediately after I've updated any apps on Google Play. I have none of the apps installed that have been flagged as a possible issue 🤷‍♀️ Really starting to 🤬 me off now! Michelle.
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