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  1. Thanks! Good to hear. For now, I'm making it work 😉 Rather safe than sorry!
  2. Old version or nothing. I tried installing and uninstalling my VPN, but even for 2 hours it crashes everything.
  3. Great, that did it. Activated and working, but if I need to use my VPN its going to break? I travel to China and use Gmail/Gsuite so its a necessity to have
  4. Hey, The first message is unable to contact license server. Then I'm getting an MBAM404101 Error. "Installation_token Not Found. There is a problem with license key." Etc. I've attempted with two different license keys I have that have an open spot as I bought 2 devices previously. Uninstalled, reinstalled with no luck. Then went down the forum rabbit hole, abd went through everything with the Support Tool to no luck. Checked Hosts and found CoinHive, deleted it, restarted, etc. Did everything again, still nothing. Attaching the log file from the recovery tool
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