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  1. I have always gotten a very quick response to my learning issues right here on the forum. And I have been able to get answers through the contact area.
  2. I misunderstood what Treed posted. Re-read it and all is well. THANKS treed. alvarnell - Thanks for the wake up call and pointing out my error. Much appreciated.
  3. When I select Preferences, Settings comes up.There is no tab or block to check for notifications. I may have a different version of MB Premium for Mac.
  4. Everything is running fine. Once the computer is up and running MB is scanning. Takes just a minute or two. As for AdGuard, it too is fine. Must have just been a hiccup or something. There is no conflict with the programs. I was just annoyed on those occasions when I had to manually start AdGuard. Thanks all.
  5. I have turned off the app block. I will see if that works.
  6. With a strong dislike of ads, I upgraded from the free AdGuard to the paid version. For two days, all was well. Then, for some reason, when powering up my iMac, AdGuard indicates that it has quit. So I open the program, click quit, then reopen and it is up and running. A nuisance but not a problem. Is there a possibility of a start-up conflict? Again, this is a nuisance and not a problem. Just looking for information/possible cause. Could the MB start-up scan cause the shutdown? It is also possible that powering down causes AdGuard to believe I have quit. The AdGuard forum suggested I add MB to it's list of programs to not scan but that doesn't make sense to me. Does anyone here use AdGuard in conjunction with MB? Any issues? Thanks.
  7. I had the same problem in OCT. Tried a couple of times then I gave up. Shortly an email arrived inviting me to complete the process. Clicked the link and done. Now running Premium.
  8. I sort of thought that was the case but curiosity got the better of me. No harm, no foul. Thanks!
  9. Since I am still learning, I read this post with interest. I have real time protection on and not problems whatsoever. But out of curiosity, I went to system preferences, security and privacy and clicked the privacy tab per the link above about giving MB full access. There was nothing regarding MB when the tab opened. I don't suppose I have a problem but as I said I am still learning.
  10. Thanks. Everything running smooth. Great program; worth every penny!
  11. Thomas Reed - Many thanks. I am up and running. I really feel ignorant; Your screen shot looked nothing like what I got when opening MB from the icon. Until I looked carefully, I never noticed anything MB next to the apple in the upper left of the screen. I should be slapped for bothering you folks. Thanks again. David
  12. Thanks alvarnell. I am a patient person and will wait.
  13. I am currently running the latest version 4.0.434, premium. I checked the status and it is current but still has the older user interface. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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