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  1. I am strictly a Safari user. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Max. As I said, I am happy with AG. I have the paid version and like the stats that it gathers regarding trackers. And like running MB, my system is not slowed down.
  3. Will there ever be an AdwCleaner version for MAC? I currently use AdGuard and am very happy but look forward to the day when I can rely on one company for all security. Thanks.
  4. I'm thinking 30 days, give or take 20.
  5. I sort of thought they were windows only and considering how vulnerable windows is, I thought showing what MB caught compared to the misses of the other programs would be helpful to the OP. Hope I did not step on any toes.
  6. Here is a link showing MB results compared to other programs. I found it quite useful in my decision to upgrade. https://www.malwarebytes.com/remediationmap/
  7. Why not download the Premium for the 14 day trial? I did after using just the browser extension for a couple of years and decided to go premium. No regrets and the scans are very fast.
  8. I just updated to MB 4.4.11 after checking for updates, Laye 2019 iMac running Catalina 10.15.4. Except for the legacy warning, all is running fine.
  9. You may need to repost and phrase the question differently, especially if the original post is old.
  10. I had similar apprehensions many years ago but Apple technicians recommended the free extension of Malwarebytes if I felt I needed it. I used it for a long time and last year upgraded to the premium version. It's scan is quick and does not bog down the iMac. I am very happy with the performance and confident it is doing it's job.
  11. My scans vary by a few files (less than 10), sometimes high sometimes low. I have attributed it to how may screens/files/sites I have open.
  12. Thank you for the quick reply. Brain is resting easy. Thanks again
  13. I just received the OS 10.15.4 upgrade and got the notice upon the restart. The notice said it would appear periodically as a reminder and to contact the developer. Any idea when the developers at MWB will do an update of MWB that takes care of any real or possible issue? Has any functionality of MWB been crippled? Thanks
  14. Took a lot of thinking about which model but the new iMac 27 is up and running. MB installed.
  15. I also went to AdGuard and was able to deactivate the program on the iMac. Again my thanks.
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