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  1. I think the email is just a courtesy call from the good folks at MWB. And the link takes you to some 'how to' from Sept 202 for those who may not know the ins and outs of MWB.
  2. I generally like how Apple Mail handles my email. No complaints. Once in awhile though, something that looks OK such as a bank statement will slip through. But as I said, the email text makes it pretty obvious that it needs to go in the trash.
  3. I think the OP is looking for a feature to scan the senders email address for something suspicious as well as the body of the text for misspellings and such. I have often gotten emails regarding subscriptions expiring or a request for updating credit card data and such. All blatantly bogus and loaded with links. They stick out like a sore thumb; pretty easy to recognize. But it would be nice if they were flagged!
  4. All I run is MWB Premium and AdGuard (lifetime standard) on the iMac. No issues. Apple tech support recommended MWB years ago and I have used it ever since. I tried others in the interim but found them to be tedious. I found AdGuard to be better than some of the other ad blockers I tried that are out there.
  5. Unchecked. Thanks for the additional information.
  6. Thanks. I had no idea that safe mode could let in malware. I have always resisted the urge to tinker with Apples settings. This is good to know.
  7. So, leaving this unchecked one would manually open the files or whatever if the sender or whomever/whatever is a trusted site known to the user?
  8. I will read through the examples. Thanks again.
  9. You can also forward the entire email to Apple whether it is phishing or scam. Also do likewise with your internet provider. reportphishing@apple.com
  10. You are welcome. Hoping someone with more savvy than me chimes in. When I said I left them running, I should clarify. I quit mail and safari. The MWB and AG sit on top of the screen tool bar (?) and I did not touch them. So I suppose they were continuing to run. Apple probably has full instructions on what to and not to run during the upgrade.
  11. When I did my upgrade, I left MWB and AG running. No issues. It may have been just plain dumb luck as I am no expert in these matters.
  12. Regarding clarity that is my fault. I run AdGuard as well as MWB. Someone on the AG forum had an issue with an email that contained pixels and caused problems and queried about the negative effects. The OP here began his/her question by talking about receiving an email and then having some problems. So I asked if it were possible that the email had the pixel embedded. That was all. From what I understand from google searches the pixels can be good or bad. I was curious so I asked. Maybe I should not have chimed in but I thought the pixels could be malicious. Thanks for your explanation.
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