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  1. Thanks for your quick response. Now it works well.
  2. Also, the Malwarebytes blocks every freeridegames.com subdomain. Our sites, domains or applications do not contain any harmful files or malicious code, please white list all *.freeridegames.com subdomains as soon as possible, since this issue is causing monetary and reputational damages to our services. I hope this issue can be resolved as soon as possible.
  3. Hi Support team, Today we discovered that the antivirus Malwarebytes is started to block our site www.freeridegames.com. We are using Clouflare CDN and our IP is not static. Could you please resolve this issue ASAP?
  4. Dear Malwarebytes, The file was not removed from our server, due to the fact it is a dynamically generated file, build upon user request. Thus we cannot remove any single file, especially not from an active service which servers tens of thousands of users. There was an issue with the digital signature of one of our Legacy URLs, which is now fixed. the file is now signed & clean and should hold no additional issues. I would recommend clearing browser cache or using a clean browser before checking. please let us know if there are any additional issues with the file, whic
  5. You are right. This file was old. We fixed it and now should not be problems. Thanks
  6. Hi, Thanks for your response Sorry, but we can't remove this application because of it's a part of our service and information which you provided about this application on the site virustotal it's also false positive detection. Thanks
  7. Hello Malwarebytes team, Recently we have discovered that the Malwarebytes PREMIUM product, is blocking our domains, *.freeridegames.com this includes every freeridegames.com subdomain. We can also see that the detection message is “Website blocked due to ” (screenshot attached). and that this messaging has probably started since a recent update was rolled out by Malwarebytes since the previous version did not cause this issue. Our sites, domains or applications do not contain any harmful files or malicious code, please white list all *.freeridegames.com subdomains
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