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  1. @mbam_mtbr I want to make it clear for myself and talk it through in a schematic way. For example, during one year I had my classic (let's call it like that) set of apps. Everything was fine, no pop-ups. Later I wanted to add some more apps, got classic+some sh*t set of apps. I didn't like and uninstalled some sh*t apps. Later I started to face pop-ups (WHY? Was it connected with simple uninstalling without preventive clearing all their data-cache-memory etc?), having my classis set of apps that during a year didn't cause any problem. I got angry, did a factory reset, installed my classic set of apps again - and everything is fine again, no pop-ups. So what was the trigger? What in my situation played a part called "all of sudden decided to start showing ads"? Installing some apps from Google Play with the servers of these apps going mad and starting to show ads? Google Play partial madness? Or what?
  2. And just a suggestion - may this issue be connected not with the installed, but recently uninstalled (during 2-3 months) apps? Can it be a kind of harmfull leftover afer their uninstallation? After the factory reset I installed the same set of apps that I used to have all the time and during my struggle with those pop-ups. And now everything is fine. The problem has gone. No more pop-ups.
  3. I'll add some more madness, sorry - I've never had the app mentioned above.
  4. @mbam_mtbr I've tried clearing the cache for Goolge PLAY Services. As well as for Chrome, Google, Google Play Market, Google Disk, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Maps, Google Presentations, Google Spreadsheet, Google Photo, Google Music, Google Movies and YouTube.
  5. @mbam_mtbr Thank you for the update! I tried my best to remember and recognize my deleted photo apps that I tend to accuse in getting this Adware. In my previous list I forgot to mention two apps from InShot Inc. - Photo Editor and Photo Editor Lumii . And one more from Pavaha Lab - Bokeh Camera Effects . I am absolutely NOT sure they have some connection with this isssue. But I decided to mention it for "just in case" reason.
  6. @mbam_mtbr No. I press the button leading to factory reset and then put a tick somewhere like "delete all".
  7. By the way, I also tried force stop + clearing cache and etc of ALL Google Apps and deleting all updates of Google Play and Chrome. That gave no result. Optimisation and crealing tools in my phone also didn't help. I tried to search for .js , .json and just .com files - and found nothing.
  8. Hi, everyone! I also faced the same problem (but at certain point I got too angry with this pop-ups and did a factory reset - that seems to help, at least now I get NO stupid pop-ups). However I'd really love to know what caused that problem and to know the solution for future (just in case). And may be I just can be helpful with sharing my experience. I can say that I never had Videoder, never had any Youtube downloaders, never had any 3rd party apps, never had SwiftKey Keyboard, that was mentioned before, and had no hidden files in Downloads. The method with clearing Chrome cache and etc never helped me. Thinking about some past events, it seems to me that these pop-ups started to appear in my phone after I tried some photo editors (PicsArt Photo Studio, Airbush, Nebi, Facetune and, I guess, one or two more, but I don't remember the names). I liked none of them and uninstalled in 5 minutes. I am not sure if these things are connected, but still.
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