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  1. Support works on the First in-First out system, they surely will not forget you!
  2. I have 2 lifetime licenses bought long time ago from cleverbridge, it clearly says 1 Device only for one license. Yes before it was easy that a key did allow for 3 installs with the same license. MWB did now recently remove this feature because scammers sold a lifetime key 3 times. It is because of this abuse that now many customers have problems mostly.
  3. Good to hear it is all sorted out for this.
  4. Yes because they did allow for 3 installations with the same key, now they did remove this feature in 3.8.3, and you have to make an account to manage your key.
  5. Here to, i just have tested it in the latest Firefox. Works as it should! So there is a problem on your side...
  6. Tested this many times, if you uninstall Malwarebytes with a registered license on the computer then this key becomes free automatically. When you then go to my-account you clearly can see your computer is unregistered, hence usable on another computer. There is no need for press the deactivate button first. Just uninstall in Windows gives your license free for use on another computer!
  7. The login has new password requirements built in now. This has been done to protect people from themselves in using passwords such as 12345, 54321, qwerty, azerty, etc... You must change your password with the new rules. For that click on i forget my password, where you then can make a new good and stronger password.
  8. As long you use the same email as you had bought the lifetime key then long ago, it still works as before! Just register it in my-account, and you are good to go.
  9. Well you can disagree as much as you want, it will not change anything at all. I have some grandfathered lifetime license in use, and i do recall that you could use it on 3 systems even i bought it for one computer. But i never did use it for more then one PC, yes it was easier this way if your PC all the sudden did not work anymore and had to reinstall windows. Malwarebytes had to do this because scammers sold a lifetime key for one PC, three times! All other antiviral products now on the market follow the same rule as Malwarebytes!! 1 License=1 Computer, or you can pay more for a 3 or 5 device key. But the lifetime keys where always for only one PC. The new 3.8.3 version now automatically kicks everyone that is using the same key on more systems, out. You can then in my-account reset your key and use it again anywhere, but on one Computer only. It does not allow more systems any longer. If you want to use it on another PC anyway, you have to deactivate it first, then you can use the key on another one. So even if someone can read or steal your license, he can not use this or even take it away from you!! Because it is bonded tight to your account, and you stay in-control of it. In addition the password requirements are in fact a good deal to protect people from themselves with idiotic passwords as 12345 or azerty, etc...And then come complain that someone had stolen their account...More and more websites take this rule over, and it forces you to use a more SECURE password.
  10. Lets hope that the new 3.8.3 is doing better now, but as i said before; together with Microsoft defender it is a very safe combination!
  11. IT NEVER was a 3 device key, there was a flaw in the licensing system. 1 License is meaning 1 System. MWB 3.8.3 now just follow this rule harder.
  12. It upgrades just fine! Even in windows 10 v1903, MWB 3.8.3 installed fast and easy without a hassle! Everything continue working. Thanks MWB for the hard work!
  13. G2A is a scammer! Do not expect help from support if you did buy it there.
  14. I hope that the new version is doing better this time, version 3.7.1 has a not so good AV-test score as you can see here. Even Windows Defender is doing better then Malwarebytes! Lucky for me, i use both of them the same time. If MWB want to be a competitor to antiviral products they will have to work a little harder on that. It is really as many complains here on this forum, slowing down your Computer performance. https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/ https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/april-2019/malwarebytes-premium-3.7.1-191413/
  15. Please as always, just be patient a little more. At malwarebytes they work on the FIFO principle. You surely will be contacted, do not worry.
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