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  1. Currently it can take +7 days before you get an answer, so please be patient. Do not make another ticket as this adds to a longer waiting time.
  2. Uninstall G-data and let MWB do its job for some days, or uninstall MWB and do the same for G-data; No problems anymore? There you have it, problem is fixed! As i said Windows, G-data and MWB constantly updates the program with can change the way the AV work. Sooner or later you will face the same problem again.
  3. In summary, you’ll find that the best antivirus protection comes from keeping it simple. Pick one great program that you trust and allow it to do what it’s designed to do.
  4. Funny, you did answer your own question; You are using more then one AV on your system... By now you should now that installing more then one AV is an actively bad solution. Yes it always can be fixed temporarily by adding excludes is both MWB and G-data. Until someone do an big update and hence your problem starts over again... There is only one good solution for this type of problems... Or you choose to use G-data without windows AV and MWB, or you use MWB together with windows AV; The only good solution that works flawlessly together! Reads this topic from Kaspersky AV why it is an bad
  5. Thanks Malwarebytes, issue is resolved! 😀
  6. An option to load money on my PayPal account does not work, because Browser Guard is warning me for Phishing... I also informed PayPal of this, but no answer yet. See attached screenshot.
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