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  1. Malwarebytes never erases itself, that is very strange. When your license is not good anymore it just switches to trial version... And it also will let you know that's something not right. So not sure what is going on with your system.
  2. If all okay even after long time stress testing, then it is possible like you told that Fortnite itself is the cause.
  3. FurMark is the best known for this. A very extensive stress test for your video-card and processor. A faulty system will be revealed with this.
  4. It is possible that fortnight is casing this, but i suspect it is your computer having problems. You have the latest videodriver installed, there is enough cooling, is your power supply still in good condition? Are the ventilators for cooling not full of dust?
  5. When you computer crashes when malwarebytes do a scan, then there is some software problem with your computer! It even can be hardware related like overheating laptop or pc. If you gather the logs, we can look what is causing this.
  6. A little respect nowadays due to the pandemic for hard working people, is on it's place now. Thank you.
  7. There are also programs that after a reboot sets your PC back to the default state, as it was fresh installed. You can do what you want freely, after a reboot it reverts back to the default. The default state can be changed only if you allow it. So why make it difficult when you can do this the easy way?
  8. Then your changes make your system unreliable... i never had to restore my system in more then 10 years. If you want to experiment with various settings, why you are not setting up a virtual machine? This way you can leave your system alone without restoring if you do something wrong.
  9. I also play frequent games om my computer with Malwarebytes installed. I never have encountered problems while gaming. A machine rebooting while playing games has some other problems for sure and can be hardware related.
  10. Support can fix this for you, no complaining or to be angry is needed. It is for your own security they are doing this, you should be happy they want to protect your account better.
  11. A refund after seven years...This must be a joke! You will not find anyone in the world that refund you after seven years. And personally i find the support from Malwarebytes good and friendly people, they always do what they can. Since the corona they have too many work to do, they are not robots waiting your call or mail. Give them some time please, they surely will not forget you.
  12. Yes they clearly worked on this, all my systems and clients also just takes 3 seconds to open Malwarebytes! Thanks To support and Staff for all hard work they are doing on daily basis for us!😀
  13. @exile360 Hi, sorry for late reaction. Today i had it again, and i am sure it was not for VPN. It clearly say that i could try Premium trial from MWB. I just click NO and then everything is normal again, no problems and i am Premium user with lifetime license. Some screenshots;
  14. No idea what is wrong again with MWB, i have a lifetime license and today it told me i could try the free trial... I clicked no, but my malwarebytes is still Premium lifetime... Everything okay but i say i can try the free Premium trial.
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