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  1. Yes they clearly worked on this, all my systems and clients also just takes 3 seconds to open Malwarebytes! Thanks To support and Staff for all hard work they are doing on daily basis for us!😀
  2. @exile360 Hi, sorry for late reaction. Today i had it again, and i am sure it was not for VPN. It clearly say that i could try Premium trial from MWB. I just click NO and then everything is normal again, no problems and i am Premium user with lifetime license. Some screenshots;
  3. No idea what is wrong again with MWB, i have a lifetime license and today it told me i could try the free trial... I clicked no, but my malwarebytes is still Premium lifetime... Everything okay but i say i can try the free Premium trial.
  4. No problem really for me, i have other programs that also take some time to show up. As long MWB is working and doing it's job, it does not bother me.🙂
  5. Just tested in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 it takes exactly 6 seconds to show up in the desktop. With 4, 8 or 16GB memory makes no difference.
  6. Strange behavior, in my case it takes 6 seconds for MWB to show up. I don't believe it has anything to with how much memory you have.
  7. Well anyway good luck to you, here it's bedtime! Good weekend all and Stay Safe! 🤐
  8. Now i type this on my Tower PC at home, i also like to play a good game every now and then. After work or in the weekend to Relax a little. And with Covid, it only got worse... 😃
  9. I also have a laptop i use when i go around to customers, and yes as Phortos say then you better of with a business laptop. I use an HP Elitebook for my work. @ghostiehime There are shops where you can buy an used Business laptop in good condition, for a very very small price! With an i5 and 8 or 16GB memory.
  10. Yep really understand you fully, specially if you like your computer so much, you do not want to throw at away so easy. 😀 But in your laptop with 16GB, you are good for the future and later windows versions i think.
  11. If it's really to slow to work with you could install Linux Mint, but then you don't have Malwarebytes. But i did try it on my wife her old Sony, and it boot up in seconds to the desktop with Linux!
  12. I lost count how many laptop i build in an SSD for a customer...😀 Windows was so slow with the old HDD, you could make coffee and drink it before you are logged in... Well you now woman, it's a pink Vaio Laptop, and she does not want a new laptop even for her birthday. But 16GB in this old beast, that does not feel good. She also use Malwarebytes for protection.
  13. Easy to do by yourself, just be careful with everything and it should be no problem at all! My wife also has an old laptop with an i3 and only 4GB of ram, but it is to old to upgrade memory. Sony Vaio... I just put an SSD in this old beast and she is happy with this. She even does not want a new one, she wanna keep this Laptop anyway. It's enough for what i do she say.
  14. The memory Malwarebytes takes is indeed normally, nothing to worry about. I my case it's taking 209MB of memory with a total of 16GB Ram.
  15. Currently it can take +7 days before you get an answer, so please be patient. Do not make another ticket as this adds to a longer waiting time.
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