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  1. strange thing, i try the same on my desktop and two laptops, screen change at moment i click on it... It is going as fast as i click on it.
  2. But with Beta's playing around i try this setting out, to see if that changes something. And let both of them scan.
  3. If you let MB decide, it seems to always disable Defender. So now the choice of one or the other. Less confusion. Any program that registers in the security center will automatically disable Defender.
  4. Yes i do know that. But enabled or disbled i always do for testing to see if it changes something.
  5. Normally i leave the setting; Disabled on all pc. But i feel today a little experimenting.😀
  6. Scanned with this settings on, on three different systems.
  7. Just tried this out on some computers, seems first as you can't change this setting. After close and restart the GUI, it is enabled. Scanning with this setting Enabled, did not find any false positives on my systems for now.
  8. Excuse me...There are 3 topics open already about the same...😁
  9. There is an Topic open already about this... No need for another one i guess. This topic title is just saying the new Beta, so this problem i had is fixed.
  10. Or just let scan Malwarebytes your pc, it will see this lines and remove them for you. It will show up in the scanner as; Don't steal our software.
  11. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/27350/beginner-geek-how-to-edit-your-hosts-file/
  12. This is because Malwarebytes can not contact its license server. You may have an VPN installed or other AV with is blocking Malwarebytes. Also make sure you not blocking Malwarebytes in your hosts file in windows, or with the windows firewall.
  13. To protect a server you also have to use Server-software off course, it has been for years like this as far as i know. It's not only for Malwarebytes, its with lots of software forbidden to run Retail versions off the product on an server. But this is always noted in the EULA of the software.
  14. As for promotions to install other software popping up in the Premium versions, i never have see this in years and dozens computers.
  15. Nothing abnormal with pop-ups for a new version ready to install. Firefox is doing this to, as many software out there doing the same. IDM, VLC mediaplayer, VMWare Workstation and so on... This is good, so you are always sure you have the latest version installed. With the free version it is also normal tho have some pop ups for promoting Malwarebytes. The staff is not working for free, no one does...
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