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  1. Sorry to say, but you have bought an key that is used already by someone else. Only G2A can help you and ask a refund. Normal price for one year is us 39.99, so you have bought a fake and used key.
  2. Добрый день, тяжелая работа, чтобы перевести это для нас? Или просто ленивый, может быть.
  3. Also you would want that Fast Startup of windows 10 is disabled. This is also known to make a lot of problems with many users. You can check here how to do this; https://www.howtogeek.com/243901/the-pros-and-cons-of-windows-10s-fast-startup-mode/
  4. And furthermore, a program that is killing your battery??? First time i hear this in 20 year. It is normal that with more programs you did install, more energy is needed to do the job. Again like install an radio in your car, and then complain it is killing your battery because it uses energy from it.
  5. And just how do you think other Antivirus programs do work? They only will use more memory and slow down your computer more! Malwarebytes is a more lightweight program. You want an antiviral program protecting you, but you do no want it start when you use your computer? Its like waiting until your house is on fire and then request help, instead off protecting your house from fire, or have some things inside that warn you BEFORE fire is starting.
  6. At moment it is not possible to help you without more information. But i am sure Malwarebytes has nothing to do with your WiFi problem itself. Most of time it is due another program that is installed on your computer. Mostly older programs that work directly on your internet connection. They use an old manner to do this, with sometimes malwarebytes is seeing this as a threat. This because there is lots of malware that work on the same manner, so you do not notice anything while they have your computer used to do some things. Just send the requested logs, so they can see what is going wrong.
  7. Please be patient, you always get answer back! But they have lots of work to do, don't think they are waiting for you. It can take 3-4 days or sooner before they get back to you. You surely will get an answer, at Malwarebytes they work at the First IN, First Out principle. At the forum no one can help you with this problem. Only someone from Malwarebytes Staff can help you now, so please wait a little more.
  8. Here in Windows 10, Malwarebytes takes about 130MB idle. In Windows 8.1 it takes here about 126MB. I talk about Malwarebytes Service and not the tray Application. Tray application takes only 11MB. Windows 10 has 16GB and windows 8.1 has onlt 4GB gor ram. So yes in your case idle thats a lot.
  9. I know, just was trying to speak in a language that everyone does understand. Many people do not know the word Trojan.
  10. Parece que Allisonoc usou uma versão hackeada do programa ... Com o domínio serius que nem existe. E depois reclamar aqui que não funciona mais. Irônico...
  11. Malwarebytes can remove the virus from your computer if you want, but your files will stay unreadable or unusable. Neither Malwarebytes or any other soft can give you back your files for now. Your only hope is that you ever had made an backup from it. If no, wait for another solution hopefully.
  12. I see you made another topic with the same question again... Maybe you do not understand what happened to your PC. Surely your PC is or was infected with an virus, in this case RansomWare. Ransomware is a nasty piece of software that encrypts all documents, movies, database, music, photo and more on your hard-disk. Meaning that you can not open them or read them anymore. The crooks of this software want you to pay them something like 1000+ dollar, after that they will give you an program that decrypt your files on your hard-disk. Then you can read an open your files like before again, just like nothing happened. If you not want to pay, or not have this money available, then there is nothing you else you can do then WAIT. WAIT until they found MAYBE an decryptor that is free to use without paying money. They are trying there best, but it is very very hard work. So unfortunately for you there is at moment NO SOLUTION, how many topics you open again. You can only wait and hope they will find a solution like the older versions again. And even if you should choose to pay the crooks, you are not sure you get your files back. Juts keep an eye on the pages from bleepingcomputer we showed you. If there is an solution they will make it available and publish it there.
  13. Note: This is a duplicate post that needs to be closed.
  14. Ahhh, see it to late, he has made 2 same topics, because there is still no solution...
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