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  1. Support is working to fix all problems as as they can. It can take 5-7 working days before you get an answer. Please be patient, and do not make any other ticket, as it can take longer then to help you. And please remove your SCREENSHOTS with the license visible!! Everyone now can read it and use it! Then you have the risk of your licenses being Blacklisted!
  2. @AlexSmith Thanks for the heads up! Everything is working again as expected! A big thanks from my wife also. 😃
  3. Why you don't ask Kaspersky to make it compatible with malwarebytes? Same thing for them i guess. For more then 20 year i know that installing more then one AV was a bad idea. It's sucking up resources on your pc that you could use otherwise. It also gives you a false feeling of protection. Not to mention the BSOD and all other kind of problems because of this. Two AV are always fighting each other for rights on your system. They even fight each other giving you errors all the time. So no Malwarebytes should NOT make it compatible with Kaspersky. Kaspersky itself could do the same thing, but t
  4. Latest update required a restart on all my devices. Getting errors in firefox on some machines with web protection enabled. It says in a big screen that malwarebytes is blocking Firefox. Disable web protection fixes the issue. Not all webpages are giving this error, sometimes i see a short error screen then it quickly restores to normal. My wife wanted to install another language in firefox and it could not download it. Had to disable web protection to be able to download it.
  5. Just got the popup, install went fine, no issues. Installed on 3 computers, only the laptop from my wife had to restart; she had many programs open during install. On my desktop and laptop, no reboot required. Thanks to the Malwarebytes team for this good work. Malwarebytes is getting stronger all the time against creepy insects on your system.
  6. Strange behavior some days with this version installed now. Today it said i was on trial version, while i have a lifetime key. It showed me the page to pay for a license, while all protections are still on??? After a restart it is going to normal Premium version again. With component version 1.0.1015
  7. There is being worked on, here you can follow more in this topic; https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/262274-41273-component-update-101003/page/2/#comments
  8. Right exile360, you get this error when Malwarebytes is blocked to contact the license server. Remediation; Check you hosts file in windows and make sure it's empty, Do you work with other antivirus soft? They also can block the program. And is possible you work for long times offline, then you have to go online every now and then to sustain your license. But we need the logs to see what is the problem and be able to help you further.
  9. I see an system full of errors... And you are using an cracked version of Adobe...😬 A good and bad start for having an corrupt system, that is what you get from hack-ware. This is work for specialists to repair your system.
  10. strange thing, i try the same on my desktop and two laptops, screen change at moment i click on it... It is going as fast as i click on it.
  11. But with Beta's playing around i try this setting out, to see if that changes something. And let both of them scan.
  12. If you let MB decide, it seems to always disable Defender. So now the choice of one or the other. Less confusion. Any program that registers in the security center will automatically disable Defender.
  13. Yes i do know that. But enabled or disbled i always do for testing to see if it changes something.
  14. Normally i leave the setting; Disabled on all pc. But i feel today a little experimenting.😀
  15. Scanned with this settings on, on three different systems.
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