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  1. sync is not the issue. farbar was done and found nothing as reported previously. no reason to post if no errors found. i did tweaking and investigating, now it is resolved.
  2. i ran rkill...nothing found ---malwarebytes finds nothing --- adwcleaner nothing.--.google browser found nothing --- norton found nothing --microsoft nothing, fabar found nothing no fixit txt on reg scan and scan of all...no fixit txt installed zemana and it found two things, i removed rawtherapee as a precaution. but i don't about this since the scan date says 2018/12/12 Detected Objects ------------------------------------------------------- AV Tools Status : Scanned Object : %localappdata%\google\chrome\user data\default\extensions\mddebekokbnanpgcheihbhininllkpnd MD5 : - Publisher : - Size : - Version : - Detection : PUA.ChromeExt!Gr Cleaning Action : Repair Related Objects : Browser Extension - AV Tools rawtherapee.exe Status : Failed Object : %userprofile%\desktop\photo apps to use\rawtherapee-\rawtherapee.exe MD5 : 02BA64AAB80A9CBD3EB73F359505F463 Publisher : - Size : 10176512 Version : - Detection : Cleaning Action : Quarantine Related Objects : File - %userprofile%\desktop\photo apps to use\rawtherapee-\rawtherapee.exe yet, this keeps popping up every minute or so i guess i have to a)remove malwarebytes and reinstall b)remove google and reinstall a fresh copy
  3. i mispelled minisrclink.cool now i see this Savings Cool “Virus”. and minisrclink.cool virus is Redirect Virus but i take this cautiously as the pages are selling some removal software i have never heard of...and none of the know anti-adware sites are showing up in the search
  4. every 5 min after last update i did this morning. i get website blocked due to adware. i ran a scan and it said i am ok. but this pop up persists and the ip address changes each time. it is associated with chrome and i did a search on the domain and found nothing on your site concerning it. is this something to be concerned with? can i remove it? what the hell is it? i will try settings to shut down notifications as the 5 min notice of this being blocked is distracting. Please advise as i was strongly thinking about purchasing the prem version but now i am concerned since this continues to pop up and there is no offer to remove.
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