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  1. So it sounds like what you're saying is that MacOS does a pretty good job at protecting itself by design, and MWB adds an additional layer of protection for the few vulnerable spots. Is that correct? Also, out of curiosity, what do MBAM and SIP mean? I appreciate your help! Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your detailed response! So, I understand why checking in fewer places would make scans quicker, and your point that a file being in a different place would be unusual makes sense. I don't really get why the signature database will be smaller with this method, though. Doesn't MWB still need to identify the same types of malicious files as any other antivirus program? Also, active protection would not seem to benefit from the checking-in-fewer-places approach, because it still has to check everything coming in to the system. What am I not understanding?
  3. So, can you explain to me why Malwarebytes for Mac is better than other Mac antivirus software? Based on a recent Wirecutter article, I thought it worked fundamentally differently than the rest, but from what you're saying it sounds like the author was extrapolating from the Windows version to the Mac version, which was not really justified. From the user experience point of view, it is definitely different from Bitdefender and Sophos, which are the other two I've used. Sophos slowed my Mac down unbearably, and Bitdefender interfered with web activity of other programs, while MWB does neither of those things. It seems therefore that it must either be doing something better, or being less thorough. I'm not trying to give you a hard time - just trying to understand. Thanks for your time! Stan
  4. Thanks for the clarification. So, if I understand correctly, Malwarebytes for Mac works essentially the same way as all other antivirus products for the Mac work - monitoring for known malicious files and programs by comparing them with a database. It's only the Windows version that works fundamentally differently. Is that correct?
  5. Thanks! I already use RansomWhere? The false alarms always worry me a bit. I didn't know that the problem was that it sees decompressing as being the same as compressing. Now that I think about it that makes sense. Thanks! The first part of your answer raises another question for me. My understanding has been that Malwarebytes works by detecting types of dangerous activity, rather than by detecting known dangerous applications. However, recognizing the presence of all known varieties of MacOS ransomware sounds like it is detecting dangerous apps. Have I misunderstood how MWB works?
  6. Malwarebytes for Windows specifically protects against ransomware. I don't see that listed as a feature of the Mac version. Do I need a separate program to protect against ransomware?
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