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  1. Hello Malwarebytes, We work for http://www.w-kaspersky.com/_ We are requesting you to remove the 'Suspicious’ tag/message on our 'http://www.w-kaspersky.com/' website. Our site: "http://www.w-kaspersky.com/" is FALSELY detected by you: Malwarebytes hpHosts as Malware site (link: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/dfa81af7147d642a4302878b338b003de2e26e1ba7522f9fe6cc6f538bdcbad0/detection). Actually we think you are unable to find the purpose of our website. So I want to tell you that our website is just for giving the informative knowledge about the security. It is not the Suspicious kind of website. I request you to remove this 'Suspicious' feedback, and hopefully you can help us by removing these 'Suspicious'. Please let me know if you can help me by removing this ‘Suspicious’ tag to our website. Please clear all this issue and mark us CLEAN. Thanks in Advance
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