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  1. Ok. Phew. That’s really great to know. Before I push the update there’s one last question I have. Initially one of the things I neglected to mention was that the current version of MWB that I have installed (3.6.1) is the last version listed in the “version history” page on the support tag. Is 3.7.1 meant to be there as well? (That was one of the reasons I was suspicious at first.) Will most likely still upgrade to 3.7.1, but I just wanted some closure. Thanks!
  2. I just realized I should’ve posted this in “MWB Support.” If someone could move the thread there that’d be great. Sorry + thanks!
  3. Hello all, Currently running MWB Premium 3.6.1. Today, I received a notification from the program that there was a new version ready to be installed “free of charge.” The interface displayed an orange exclamation mark stating that a “new and improved version of malwarebytes is available,” prompting me to install free of charge as well. This probably sounds like a joke and I’m aware that this concern is kind of stupid, but I’m normally extremely paranoid about malware / phishing / fraud and the like so I was hesitant to upgrade immediately. Is there a newer version of the program available, or is this the work of something nefarious at play? I figured it’s best to ask and be safe than to regret making a hasty decision. Mochii
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