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  1. or does the bitdefender will remove the malware at the same time while decrpyting?
  2. All my files are now decrypted. I found the solution two days ago. Thank you so much, but i assume that the malware is still inside my computer. How can i remove it? Or the bitdefender will remove it at the same time while decrypting?
  3. I installed the kmspico and it contains some virus and made all my files encrypted. See attached file below, i cant use them. The .txt files are came from nowhere. And all my .docs files added a new file extension see the one i clicked. I run FRST.exe and i added the results. I cant run malwarebytes due to infections. Every time i click its telling me "Windows cannot access the specified device or path or file." even though i already have access and permission. Can i retrieve decrypted files and get rid of the malware infected me? Please help. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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