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  1. Anyone pushing the cloud logs in to logstash got any grok patterns they're willing to share ?
  2. The installation file for Encase SAFE is being detected as malware and placed in the Adware.IStartSurf bucket. Filename 5f2e.msi Size 2.4MiB (2476544 bytes) Type msi Description Composite Document File V2 Document, Little Endian, Os: Windows, Version 6.1, Number of Characters: 0, Code page: 1252, Last Printed: Wed Nov 9 19:40:28 2011, Create Time/Date: Wed Nov 9 19:40:28 2011, Name of Creating Application: Windows Installer, Title: SAFE Servlet Installer, Author: Guidance Software, Keywords: Guidance Software, Template: ;1033, Last Saved By: christian.latunos, Revision Number: {B0910DEE-8B66-47BF-A3CA-8F6AE5FBE222}, Last Saved Time/Date: Thu Dec 29 23:58:00 2011, Number of Pages: Architecture WINDOWS SHA256 238b98c810f1c5060feb9ff45cd01ea8955484e450b5dcb4a86d7100c04980f8
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