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  1. It's redmi note 4 system laucher. I think it's infected.
  2. How about these screenshots of system launcher traffic tracked from lumen app. I blocked system launcher internet yesterday .after that i have not get any link redirection till yet. May in future it be happened. How about these domain shown in screenshots. I have on miui system launcher.
  3. I cleared cache of google play Before 2-4 days ago. Clearing it again. Will update soon.
  4. I have already uninstalled tubemate. But just now when i updated a app in play store. After update this link opened automatically in chrome. https://m.novelcamp.net/?p=4A6B1E8774E25418B002835535545B52&geo=IN&sv=518&gaid=41eb1092-0dae-4314-bac3-5234a5df32ae&pbl=9E55C7D7B3524808BCD13C1FFF9B1FB0&sn=etap_5.1.8&flow=0&utm_source=201&url=m.novelcamp.net Above link opens after redirect of this link looks like in this photo. I m unable to trace this link shown in photo. One time i stopped internet when this link opened. After search in my google this link looks like this. But it cannot be copied.
  5. But i had tubemate app. Not videoder or snaptube app. And i uninstalled tubemate. Is it also related to batmobi and snaptube.
  6. I haven't videoder app. And i sent app report to malwarebytes. Still not get any solution. Also did pm also to @mbam_mtbr
  7. https://m.novelcamp.net/introduce?bookId=10870&p=4A6B1E8774E25418B002835535545B52&geo=IN&sv=518&gaid=41eb1092-0dae-4314-bac3-5234a5df32ae&pbl=9E55C7D7B3524808BCD13C1FFF9B1FB0&sn=etap_5.1.8&flow=0&utm_source=201&url=m.novelcamp.net&cbType=3& This website opened in my chrome browser automatically. I don't remember which website was first time exactly. Perhaps it was same website. Plz consider this issue or virus.
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