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  1. What about this answer, straight from Kaspersky: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/395651-malwarebytes-compatibility-issues-merged/&do=findComment&comment=2803557 "Kaspersky Tech Support responded and said that Kaspersky Total Security and Mawarebytes Premium are not compatible and I cannot run both live at the same time." I am pretty sure that if you continue disabling things in Kaspersky, eventually you will have a malformed antivirus happily running alongside Malwarebytes Pro....
  2. Because they need to sell product which is not anymore minimalist like version 1.75 but not yet a fully flagged antivirus, to be used alone. So, they try to push this "compatibility " thing, claiming that Malwarebytes was designed to be compatible with all other anti-viruses (maybe this was a valid statement for version1.75) Now, the anti-viruses are increasingly complex and they cover basically all aspects of malware fighting and there is nothing left for Malwarebytes to "detect" Kaspersky by itself is a "monster", with 100% detection on all possible tests. What do you hope to accomplish running Malwarebytes on top of it????
  3. exile360, you DO realize that is a lost battle to fight with each and every antivirus suggesting "add this" or "exclude that" in order to make Malwarebytes "compatible", when every computer user on this planet is well aware that shouldn't run two antimalware with real time protection at the same time... What about tomorrow, when the antivirus will update a module ? Now what, start all over again??? Where do we stop, acknowledging that is not advisable to run Malwarebytes pro and another antivirus simultaneously????
  4. Hello, I have Malwarebytes add-on installed on Firefox browser; if I visit Malwarebytes forum, the add-on will block something (1) This seems to be strange and funny at the same time....
  5. If it is not an antivirus, what was the point of testing it in an environment "designed" to test AV engines??? Enough with this already !!! All over the place Malwarebytes is being advertised as a "antivirus replacement", so a software which can replace your antivirus. Of course, you cannot replace your antivirus with a "text editor" let's say, you have to replace it with a software which have antivirus functionality. That was the reason Malwarebytes was tested in AV Test, to prove the point; the results are not stellar but average at best. Even you, multiple times advised people here, on this forum, that they do not need an antivirus, Malwarebytes being sufficient.
  6. Malwarebytes scored the lowest score in AV Test December 2018, so based on your line of thinking is a PUP???? https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/
  7. So now the users have to supply the "infected URL" ? Malwarebytes is a paid product not an open-source software. The OP's statement summarized very well: " My Anti-Malware don't work but I have a pay licence (60 Euros) "
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