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  1. Actually the solution was found to be due to an outdated addon! When it was removed, the problem ceased. It was the internet download manager which has worked almost flawlessly for years so I suspect that something in the updated chrome did not agree with it. Thanks for your help and I will keep a copy of your message for any future problems.
  2. Hello and thank you... Sorry I just received your "are you still..." message and that was 1st I knew that my message had been replied to... I have copied your instructions and will get on it today thanks again
  3. gmail links go to about:blank page. When the link is clicked in nav bar it changes to the link but never connects>? Malware or setting I was told it was c:/test/eicare.com?
  4. Samsung s6 popup ads- installed MB but did not find any thing. suggestions? Thanks
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