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  1. Hi Advanced, I followed the instructions he found 20 files that was removed and 1 of them was: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\nddcf.cmd BAT/Agent.CA trojan horse cleared by elimination" So now should be all cleared :) Thanks so much!
  2. Hi Advanced, Tomorrow, i'll give you an update. Thanks!
  3. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thanks for help - problem solved but: R2 ndd; C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ndd.exe [4871168 2020-05-21] () [File not signed] Task: {42CBBD03-7422-470D-A5EA-7FC492E5EFB1} - System32\Tasks\Device Discovery => C:\Windows\SysWOW64\nddcf.cmd If i open them with notepad sort strange chinese writings - anyway i'm not using anymore alcohol 120 to mount images.
  4. Hi Malwarebytes team! Tonight surfing online, i downloaded from utorrent a malware / virus - seems that my mouse have problems (don't work right button and side button) and my pc is slow. I attach the logs. How can i solve it? Addition.txtmalwareanti.txtFRST.txt
  5. FRST.txtAddition.txt report.txt Hello, This is my father's PC. Seems malware bytes found this. Can you check if there could be some malware? Thanks
  6. Hi, I found in my PC with Malware in trial version this malware + keylogger, and i found my pc real slow than before. Attached logs, how can i solve it? Thanks in advance for your reply. Addition.txt FRST.txt report.txt
  7. Hi nasdaq, Thanks for your support. Seems that now is cleared, i don't know how, by the way i haven't reset the sync in Chrome, it was already resetted.
  8. Hi, Update also with malware logs. logmalware.txt logmalware2.txt
  9. Hi team, I have these two malwares running every time i get access on chrome, and pop-ups my pc, and i can't remove them. I have download and run also FRST64 for scan. How can i delete them? Thanks for your prompt reply :) FRST.txtAddition.txt
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