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  1. Hi, I try to about:option xpinstall .... but i can't donwload the extention Firefox say : no connection. I fix the probleme by leave Firefox and go to Chrome (Malwarebyte is in the store) Regards
  2. I send a little list in the forum.
  3. It is me again Good news: I have added the addon, And i see in the history the page " ** Votre ordinateur est bloqué **" (Your computer is blocked) and i try to clic on this the addon work correctly. First attachement. Well i go to the web site for working and the addon work correctly too see the picture. But I don't understand why this is not "delivery" with the pay version. Regards. Thanks Porthos & Davis for your support.
  4. Hi Thank you for this, i try to add addon malwarbytes. For this : " Please supply the URL that lead to that Microsoft FakeAlert in; " It is not possible, i find in my history the URL, but the forum stop my message when i send this. Raison spamming. Whenever i use the Quote system. Regards.
  5. Thank you. I know this. But I am not sure about : " and do real damage " If i don't kill the firefox quickly the web page put octet in my memory computer and after a 3 minutes Firefox program down with black screen and the computer is very slow after ... more 2 minutes waiting for display the icone with right boutton mouse on the desktoop. And i must reload old save registery windows. I don't find the url adress from this webpage because the page is displaying in other page (frame). Sorry.
  6. Hi My Anti-Malware don't work but i have a pay licence (60 Euros) And my firefox keep the malware and reset with black screen after the full memory send by this or other page like this. If you have this kill quicly the firefox tache. Or you must re-install the last save from windows. Regards
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