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  1. alvarnell, Thank you for your informative response. It is exactly what I needed to know. Rock
  2. I ran across this question while trying to learn if Malwarebytes 3 atumatically scans connected auxilliary drives. I presume from the answers to this question there is not currently a way to scan an aux drive if it does not do so automatically if one is connected to the computer. Am I correctin this assumption? Thanks. Rock
  3. Treed, You are correct that it is written into the instructions but I did not see it show where the correct location to actually accomplish doing what it states. A screen showing to click "allow apps below to control your computer" was clearly shown in the Privacy tab of security & privacy. I did not see where it showed the tab for accomplishing clicking to allow Store and identified developers is located in the "General" tab. I am sure many already knew where to find the correct place to click. I am happy I found the right place to click and do appreciate your help and am pleased Malwarebytes is now installed on my computer! Rock
  4. alvarnell, and treed, I have finally gotten Malwarebytes fully loaded on my iMac and it would not have happened without your generous, patient, and tenacious dedication to helping. Thank!!!!!!!!!! The Apple script worked, though not as it did for alvarnell. I saw no screens or had to make any selections. The script simply removed all Malwarebytes from my computer quickly, quietly, and all by itself. The installation took a long time but after locating the tab to allow identified developers in the General tab of Security and Privacy section of "Systems" the Malwarebytes app finally fully loaded. I had already allowed Malwarebytes to control my computer but the last step for allowing downloads from Malwarebytes Developer to load was found in the "General" tab of Security & Privacy section. I believe the screen associated with the installation shows only the "Privacy" tab. It takes both for Malwarebytes to load and work. Once I found the place to allow identified developers and checked the appropriate corresponding selection, Malwarebytes instantly loaded. I genuinely appreciate your help. Rock
  5. This image displayed even though I to systems and allowed Malwarebytes. Rock
  6. I performed a re-install from "Recovery Mode" after using the link alarnell provided to uninstall Malwarebytes.. The uninstall did n ot show me a ny of the screens alvarnell shared he saw when using the same link. My experience was that I selectewd start for the uninstall link and nothing indicated anytrhing was happening. I did a search for any indication of Malwarebytes and a visual search of applications and saw no evidence of thge app. Once the re-install was complete I downloaded the install app for Malwarebytes and it hung up just as all the other attempts. Rock
  7. I understand, and shall perform a simple re-install of macOS without first erasing. Thanks. Rock
  8. alvarnell, I am grateful for all of your efffort and information. Thanks. Something is preventing the Malwarebytes app and the Malwarebytes uninstall pkg from from competely loading. Each hangs up without completing. I have installed up dates to my macOS without any positive difference. Late last year I discovered a Trojan on my iMac. It took multiple attemps scanning with Bitdefender to identify it. I ended up deleting a huge number of huge files identified as part of the Trojan.Once finished my spotlight never worked properly.My iMac will shut down on it's own. Is it your opinion erasing and reinstalling the macOS using the recovery method deliniated in your previous message will correct the problems I have described in this message? Rock
  9. In answer to the first paragraph, yes questions were shown. I have Bitdefender Total Securityinstalled on my computer. I did try deactivating the "Shield" but that did n ot change anything. I shall look at and evaluate reinstalling my sysytem from Recovery. Thank you for your help! Rock
  10. Thank you for your response alvarnell! Is there anything I need to do before running this script? I downloaded the AppleScript. It contained 204 KB. It froze when I attemped to run it. Any thoughts? Rock
  11. I have already attempted an install of 3,6 and hit will not fully load. Usuing the link you provided did not get as the previous attempt using the same link. I only used the 3.0 Uninstaller in a desperate attempt to clear out the Malware data that is already on my computer. I ran across one of YOUR responses to another person inwhich you provided steps to uninstall Malwarebytes if they had uninstalled using some app other than the "Malwarebytes Uninstaller". Looked but have not so far been able to find those instructions but I remember one step was to use an Apple script. Thanks for your response. Sincerely, Rock
  12. Treed, Thank you for your prompt response. My situation may be more complicated than I first thought. More of the history: I had forgotten I had attempted a download in Dec. 2018 but all that remained was a small portion of the app. Purhaps I incorrectly attempted an uninstall then. Not remembering this I attempted a download multiple times in Fewbruary of 2019. There was no way that I could find to uninstall the remains of then download in Dec. and I uninstalled with CleanMyMac X. There may well be remanents from multible downloads. Since all attemps were stopped before a complete install I do not have the option of using an uninstaller from those attempts. In fact I even attempted to download and try the uninstaller for the 3.0 version and that uninstaller pkg hung up and I just moved it to trash and deleted it from trash using CleanMyMac X. Is it possible to get out this mess and install Malwarebytes for a trial? Thanks for your help. Rock
  13. I was directed to to open settings and allow Malwarebytes access in the security and privacy section because Malware was stopped from loading. This has not worked. I request ihcorrectng the problem so I may install a trial version of Malwarebytes to evaluate/consider purchase. I am running Mojave 10.14.3 on a iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Thanks in advance for your help. Rock
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