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  1. No fresh install, I had installed 3.7.0 the day it was issued. I have also installed the new W10 build on my Surface Pro 4 which is enrolled in the "Skip Ahead flight" ([so the W10 was delayed for a few hours] later than the desktop.) Again, no fresh install of Malwarebytes 3.7.0. All protections are enabled on that system also. and a Threat Scan, with Root Kit check, has completed successfully.
  2. Malwarebytes 3.7.0 has all protections enabled on the "just issued this morning" W 10 build 18329. A Threat Scan with Root Kit checking enabled ran successfully. 😃
  3. I've just updated to version 3.7 on my Surface Pro 5 running W10 V 1809 build 17763.292. All protections enabled, and a Thread Scan ran to completion (RootKit scan included.)
  4. The Update to Version; Component Package 1.0.535; Update Package 1.0.9028 (which was notified today) has both Exploit and Malware protection enabled. But it only opens a (mainly) blank window when attempting to run a 'Threat Scan', so no change there. This is on Windows 10 Insider build 18323, on two different machines. If I run a Hyper Scan that runs (apparently) OK. Attempting to run a 'Threat Scan' after running a Hyper Scan results in the Scan window showing the result of the Hyper Scan. The update to version 3.7.xxxxx installs extremely slowly. I realize these issues are part of the overall issue with Malwarebytes on W10 Insider build 18323, but thought the report may be useful.
  5. Here is the Support tool log mbst-grab-results.zip. Attempting to run a scan still results in a blank window. A Hyper Scan appeared to run to completion, reporting no threats. But a Custom Scan (C: Drive only) resulted in this report. I strongly suspect the "Items Scanned" number is a carry over from the Hyper Scan.
  6. Hmm, when I try to run a scan on my desktop system, I get this more or less blank window. I rebooted the system after attempting a scan and getting this blank window, but the reboot hasn't changed the situation. A scan ran when I first logged onto the system this morning, and reported that no threats were detected. That was before I ran " run_procmon.bat " A scan has just ran to completion, including scanning for rootkits, on my Surface Pro 4
  7. I followed the instructions in post #31 above, but didn't get any notice about the DDA error. This has been the case with system reboots over the last few days, both on my desktop and my Surface Pro 4. Both systems are running Insider build 18323.1000. I get the message about protection being turned off on both systems. https://we.tl/t-vYvWtnoQ9R
  8. I opened a ticket ( 2522848 ) yesterday about this problem, after running the support tool, which I understand collected some data and transmitted it to Malwarebytes. and offered to create a ticket. If someone is working on that it may be worthwhile consolidating the efforts.
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