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  1. Thanks for the replies exile360 and LiquidTension. A support agent has now contacted me. I still don't have a fix yet but I hope to work though it with them. The "renewal offer" button takes me to a page that says "You're all set!" however the price is not the offer and the duration is one year and not 2...
  2. Thanks Firefox. I've checked and double checked junk and spam folders. There is no mistake. It's now 72 hours since I've lodged the first ticket. The first ticket number is 2536095 and the second 2536981.
  3. I'm also in the boat where the 2 year renewal button does nothing. Logging my account tells me I'll be renewed for a year (not 2) at full cost. In addition I've created 2 tickets with support and I still have no reply after 48 hours. Malwarebyes is world class software but the renewal system and customer support is 3rd world... This is my last grasp at renewal help - I'm about to remove my payment method from my account and not renew. If someone from Malwarebyes reads this - HELP please!
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