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  1. Yeah this is definitely my network. I'm really sorry for what must feel like wasting your time.
  2. Due to a complication its going to be a while longer. Urgh. I'm really sorry for wasting your time like this.
  3. Hello, @1PW ! I am indeed running 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10. Unfortunately, testing generated no report entry at all after 7 attempts with the programs whitelisted, though the connection continues not to work. Re-testing, I can no longer connect even if MW3 actually isn't running anymore either - with all services disabled and the MW3 manager closed and when it is, I also receive no warn request. The same is true when the whitelisting is removed. For what its worth, MB3 has been amazingly helpful in the past with removal tools and I really do think you guys do some great work and I'd be gutted if I couldn't use your product. Nothing else I've tried comes close. I'm wondering on our end if there's some kind of coincidence of timing involved and something else changed behind the scenes with the connection itself, our network or our provider and I'll make enquiries accordingly and perform a control test on a machine without MW3 installed just to verify that the fault is with MW3. I should be reporting findings within the next hour or so.
  4. Chat transcript with PIA support: [3:43 pm] * Colleen Q. joined the chat [3:43 pm] * Chat assigned to Colleen Q. [3:43 pm] Leigh: Hello Colleen [3:43 pm] Colleen Q.: Hello Leigh, thank you for getting in touch with the PIA helpdesk. [3:43 pm] Leigh: Thank-you. I'm a bit stumped with this one. [3:44 pm] Colleen Q.: This might be a question that would be better directed to Malwarebytes support [3:44 pm] Leigh: They sent me to you. Bit of a mom-says dad-says situation. [3:44 pm] Colleen Q.: Do you happen to know which version of the PIA app you're using? [3:44 pm] Leigh: Sure let me check [3:45 pm] Leigh: I am running v1.0.1, build 02349 [3:45 pm] Leigh: I'm wondering, is there another client application I can use to connect to your service or something like that? [3:46 pm] Leigh: Shame given how friendly PIA's app is. [3:46 pm] Colleen Q.: You could certainly try out our legacy app or the OpenVPN app, but I have a suspicion this may be AV interference with OpenVPN itself [3:46 pm] Leigh: I see. [3:46 pm] Leigh: Bit of a pain in the backside, really. [3:46 pm] Leigh: Is there any way you could register a bug report so this can be fixed in a future revision? [3:47 pm] Colleen Q.: If malwarebytes is blocking OpenVPN connections, this would have to be fixed by their team [3:47 pm] Colleen Q.: You can find legacy versions of the app here: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/downloads [3:48 pm] Leigh: Thank-you. I'll look into this and do some more research and make sure a report is logged with their team. [3:48 pm] Leigh: Its a bit tricky to do my job with things misbehaving, you see. [3:48 pm] Colleen Q.: We've seen issues with Avast and AVG blocking OpenVPN connections recently, I would not be surprised to see Malwarebytes exhibit this issue as well [3:48 pm] Colleen Q.: I certainly understand. [3:48 pm] Leigh: Thank-you for explaining and I appreciate your time. [3:48 pm] Colleen Q.: If you can, I'd recommend rolling back to an older version of Malwarebytes that was working with the VPN. [3:49 pm] Leigh: Malwarebytes generally pairs their AV database with their version number, as a way of staying ahead of crackers unfortunately so that's not really possible without compromising security here 😕 [3:49 pm] Leigh: I'll look into Open VPN and I'll log a request with their team and if need be, I'll talk to my supervisor and see about getting us shifted to another AV provider. [3:50 pm] Leigh: Thank-you for your time, Colleen. [3:50 pm] Leigh: Take care. [3:50 pm] * Chat ended by user
  5. Hi, I was having a fairly dandy time with Private Internet Access as my VPN of choice but having installed Malwarebytes I can no longer access the servers and route my traffic. I've already contacted PIA's helpdesk and they recommended I post here, given it worked before I installed MWB. I would really like to actually *buy* MWB3 but unless it can run alongside my VPN that I already have a paid subscription for that's not really going to happen. I've already done the obvious thing and added exclusions for every application inside the PIA folder -- and I've already tried setting PUPs to warn which also made no difference. Suggestions? MWB is probably one of the few decent AV's out there in 2019 because of the whole heuristic thing and in VM tests it was the only one which caught everything I threw at it, so I'd be pretty miffed if I had to skimp on security to remain anonymous. Thanks.
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