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  1. Still get the attempted pop up but Malwarebytes catching it and closing. Now we need to find what's left that can trigger the attempt
  2. I'm still seeing the Chrome browser trying to open page it happens it triggers malwarebytes which says be careful of fishing sites and closes it. Happens once a day
  3. Im going to use 14 version till someone repacks 14.2 without adware. 14 will create a folder on sdcard/andriod/data called com. Rahul.videoderbeta inside that two folders cache and files. Inside files it creates a folder called plugins. With another folder called temp new. What i did to prevent it from downloading 14.2 i created a junk file called 135_complete_videoder.apk this prevented the app from downloading 14.2 since the filenames are the same.
  4. I did downgrade to videoder 14 then I created a fake file and put it in my mnt/sdcard/android/data look for rahul.videoder beta files > plugins folder > temp_new you will see videoder trying to download and install 14.2 but the file is called 135_complete_videoder.apk i made a simple text file with same name so it could not download the real APK loaded with malware. So what I need to do is re-engineer 14.2 with no malware need a good android code guy
  5. This premium part of videoder was still on my device it is in Google play store. It had permissions to storage
  6. https://piunikaweb.com/2019/02/23/our-analysis-on-annoying-chrome-ad-popups-on-samsung-phones/ look at this discussion
  7. https://piunikaweb.com/2019/02/23/our-analysis-on-annoying-chrome-ad-popups-on-samsung-phones/ check this out lots of info on the Problem malwarebytes us mentioned
  8. Check this out even the malwarebytes is mentioned here about trying to solve oh and factory reset does not work https://piunikaweb.com/2019/02/23/our-analysis-on-annoying-chrome-ad-popups-on-samsung-phones/
  9. Went to playstore to update facebook soon I u did that chrome opened from closed with appsquare
  10. I kinda hoping this is not true since I need the ap and paid to remove ads. I snt them an email too. But I will Prob Uninstall on one of my android phones and check results. Its funny the only pop those pages up every few days and it will use chrome or Samsung browser so far my case.
  11. Ok i updated malwarebytes in playstore as soon as I hit update my Samsung internet browser opened to appsquare again. So this is definitely something running an open any type of browser
  12. yes I been wondering that too. I have 2 devices both have videoder I have the paid version but some of those in that thread did not use that AP and still have the issue
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS9/comments/ai98c0/novelcampnet_automatically_pops_up_in_android/ take a good look at this thread its widespread and the first company to find a cure wins
  14. says no reply so I will do it here. I uninstalled chrome and cleared everything in it. then the next day I reinstalled chrome. updated it. After a day or so it opened those pages people are saying. even if you were not using the Chrome browser.
  15. I disabled Chrome and seems to be less often but I have seen it open apps that can view web. Definitely something. Google both domains and you will see this is adware of some type and malwarebytes fails to find it
  16. https://www.appsquare.net/? too its one of 2 it opens and will use any browser if can find on your phone both need to be blocked
  17. If you guys figure this out I have a ton of new customers waiting for a solution they will prob buy your premium read all version. o
  18. Please check this so you can improve your product and find this malware https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS9/comments/ai98c0/novelcampnet_automatically_pops_up_in_android/
  19. I dont want to switch to a new brand of malware protection but this is a known issue
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