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  1. My windows 10 pc at random stages will just type on it’s own, messages and signals just spam aawwwwssssdddaaa and if I’m in a game, it just makes my movement messed up. It also types lea and just spams wwww and the enter key. I’ve scanned my pc with everything, it doesn’t detect it, I plugged in a new keyboard and the problem still persists. I can’t go into safe boot because I don’t know the login password, nor can I reset it. is the only way to factory reset my pc?
  2. Yo I just did a reformat and reinstall with windows, thanks for the help though
  3. On my pc I have a undetectable rat, it randomly types my desktop name in chats sometimes and just randomly presses keys. ive tried to get rid of it with every antivirus but nothing detects it. what do I do?
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