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  1. Yes, absolutely that would be wonderful.
  2. Yes, I think that would. But that isn't really necessary. I don't need to have the capability to manage any of all of these Premium-based clients in a single interface... I'd just like to see an email of their product (Premium in these scenarios) actually detects and quarantines. You can always CC that notification from the client to the MSP, in this case, myself, to then remotely connect and charge PER INCIDENT if more remediation is required. But aside from their investment for the Premium product, I (as the MSP provider) would not want to pay an additonal cost for a console solution for
  3. I appreciate the feedback, @exile360 and @AlexSmith. First, with Endpoint Protection, it **requires** a minimum of 10 licenses, and for most SOHO type end clients, that is just too many. Most of these small businesses run with less than 10 (and sometimes just 2 or 3) employees on PCs, so that makes the EP product with the cloud console out of reach from a financial standpoint. Don't get me wrong--I absolutely LOVE the EP product itself, along with the Cloud Console aspect. But there are a ton of small-needs "business/office" grade clients who simply do not want to spend $700 ($70 MSRP
  4. I had a user at a client office that did not get any real-time notification during normal daily use, but when I checked the scan reports on that installation, I could see that night when the scheduled scan ran, that Trojan files and folders were detected and removed. But again, I had to manually get on that PC, and LOOK inside the program to find that report... It would be nice if it would email me post-scan and removal when it occurs. I understand that the Endpoint Protection suite does this, but again, this client only has a few systems, and does not run a dedicated Server-level OS that re
  5. I would like to request the feature in Premium for email notifications. In the event that a daily scan detects or quarantines something, I'd like to get an email notfication of that report, similar to the Endpoint Protection product. Is this a feature that Premium could add? Daily automatic definition updates and system scans are great, but it would be nice to know if and when those scans actually yield a positive result that would re-enforce the value that the product is providing. All my clients ask about it, and it would be great to be able to point to those timestamped email report
  6. As of now, for the scheduled reporting I can choose daily, once per week on Saturday, and once per month... I would really like the option to get the schedule on Sunday rather than Saturday. Reason being, Sunday is the only "off" day at our business, and I'd like to have Saturday night's scans included in the weekly generated Reports. As of right now, the Report shows the prior Saturday night's activity, but I'd rather the Report show with Saturday being the "end" of the week's activity. Is this possible?
  7. I'm a current member of Techbench, but I didn't know another private forum existed. And, I can't find it at the link provided. Maybe I'm blind, but can you PM me the direct link?
  8. I notice that there was a dedicated sub-forum for the older, now-obsolete legacy version of Techbench HERE. But is there not a current sub-forum for users of the Techbench program? The reason I ask, some users here might benefit from others inside the program sharing their configuration/custom scripts in the "MyTools" section. 😉
  9. Just to update: the Malwarebytes Breach Remediation utility version 2.7.x was ran on this x86 Server, the Endpoint Agent was uninstalled and reinstalled, and then the Scan would complete successfully. Thanks for the help!
  10. Alright, thank you sir. I hadn't tried to run MBBR file yet. Apparently the Admin Guide that came with my Toolset shows for v3, so the supported OS matches your bottom list, but the actual file in my Toolset is the v2.7, so I'll give it a shot. By the way, do you have a link for the Admin Guide for the older v2?
  11. Bump-- Anyone? I need to get this protection running on this Server system...
  12. I am experiencing this same error when I attempt to run a Scan with the Endpoint Protection Cloud product, but this is using Server 2008. After reading your other thread, andylee321, I was able to get the Server 2008 to register as a node in the Cloud Console (I had to install the KB update for TLS) but whether I trigger a Scan from the console, or manually on the system, it gives the same error above. It gets to the "File Scanning" portion, then abruptly stops. I was looking at the documentation to run the Malwarebytes Breach Remediation Tool, like you mentioned, hoping to resolve
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