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  1. Thanks for your concern in helping me. I would uninstall Kaspersky and try to do it as you suggested, of course, no problem at all, but as I received the message below from Malwarebytes support today, it's no longer necessary I believe. "Hi Uligyn, Thank you for contacting us at Malwarebytes support. My name is Breaux, and I will be to happy assist on ticket # 3079358. I am sorry but your license expired in December of 2019 when it failed to renew. In March you paid to renew the expired license but unfortunately, it remained expired. When a license is due for renewal you only have 30 days to save and renew. If not done in time the license will expire. Once expired it cannot be renewed again. The billing system should not have allowed a renewal that many months later and issued you a new license.I apologize for this confusion and inconvenience. I have refunded your subscription reference # 115958831. Please allow 5-7 business days to fully process. Please note that you will also get a confirmation email from our e-commerce partner when the refund is processed. Please purchase a new subscription from malwarebytes.com/pricing when you are ready. " Thank you all, very much, for helping me. My kindly best regards, b2b
  2. Actually I've done it (closing Kaspresky) and no success at all.
  3. I don't doubt that I could have avoided the issue by deactivating MBAM before performing the reload (thanks for the tip, by the way). But anyway it's weird getting the message "license expired" instead "license in use" or something like that. I really apreciate your kindness and your efforts to help me. Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english (I'm brazilian).
  4. 1st ticket (yesterday) number 3079358, 2nd ticket (today) number 3081048. Yes, same email. Sorry for the 2 tickets instead waiting 3-5 days.
  5. The "deactivate all" function didn't work aswell. I've also uninstalled MBAM using Revo Uninstaller software in advanced mode, reinstalled MBAM and the problem persists. NOTE: this is the 2nd time this problem occurs. 1st time was on March 06, 2020 (ticket 2934818).
  6. I had to perform a full install of my O.S., which is Windows 10 Pro v2004. Now, when I install MBAM and try to activate it with my license (that expires in March 2021), I receive a message saying my license is expired. I've opened a ticket more than 24 hours ago and no answer so far. I have no protection, I paid for the subscription and can't use it. Any help is very welcome. Thanks in advance!
  7. I was experiencing the same issue from the moment I updated Kaspersky Total Security a few days ago and restarted my system (as Kaspersky asked for). I even tried a clean install (Windows 10, etc) but no success at all. So I performed another clean install, no Kaspersky this time. Now I have everything working flawlessly w/o Kaspersky. I've been using Kaspersky for years and I really like it. But I won't install it again untill Kaspersky + MBAM work together again with no issues.
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