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  1. This morning I found the message displayed (system runs full time,) When I dismissed the pop-up, there was a "Scan completed" box under it. I then ran a manual scan, but it completed without the pop-up showing up. New results attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. I posted this elsewhere (I think,) on the forum. I am having no obvious problems. I am just responding to the pop-up. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I have not been having problems with MWB 3.7.1, at least to my knowledge. The pop-up is the only reason I am posting. How did you encountered the issue and any steps to reproduce it. I really wasn't paying much attention. The pop-up has appeared twice, so far. Do you get the same result more than once if you follow the same steps? Y/N Not applicable as I have no sequence to follow which makes the notice appear. If the system crashed (aka blue screen of death or BSOD), please include the error message There were no crashes or BSODs.mbst-grab-results.zip Results file is attached. Let me know if there is other information that would be helpful. As stated, I am not having identified problems, though I would not rule out undiagnosed issues. Thanks, Kieren Ladner
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